2024 Speakers


Sheli Gartman

Sheli enjoyed working her way up to Management and Director levels in Corporate America in Finance and in the Medical Industry, breaking Company records across many categories… but her truest passion is the combination of Professional Development and Personal Growth that is greatly needed in Companies, Teams and Individuals today.

She is a Business Consultant, Speaker, Mindset Coach for Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels Inner Circle, and an Accidental Comedian. She makes her home in Meridian Idaho with her 2 miraculous kids and three poodles.


Dr. Cindy McGovern

“Dr. Cindy” is best known as the First Lady of Sales ™. She is an internationally renowned business and motivational speaker and a Wall Street Journal best-selling author.

She has inspired thousands by getting them to think differently about sales, selling, and success, both in their professional and personal lives. She helps take the “ick” out of sales and helping people to embrace their inner 5-year-old. Dr. Cindy has earned her reputation by helping companies to create dramatic and sustainable revenue growth.


Sean Hancock

Sean Hancock is a world-class keynote speaker, life coach, host of The Improv Lifestyle podcast, and founder of Recycled Minds, an award-winning comedy company. He has studied at the world-famous Groundlings School of Improv, The Upright Citizens Brigade, and Comedy Sportz and has performed on hundreds of stages nationally and internationally. In addition to having some serious performance chops, Sean is an expert in corporate training and coaching. His teaching and influence are sought after by corporations, executive teams, and individuals looking to increase their professional and personal influence through principles like thinking outside the box, active listening, elevating others, building confidence, and improving communication. He has had the privilege of working with cruise ships, universities, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies, including clients such as Celebrity Cruiselines, Albertsons, Truckstop, Simplot, State Farm Insurance, and Boise State University.

Jeet Kumar

Jeet Kumar is the co-founder and CEO of In Time Tec, a global software solutions company that has been on the list of Inc 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies, has been recognized as one of Idaho’s Best Places to Work, and has received the CEO of Influence award. Under Jeet’s leadership, In Time Tec has grown from a basement office to more than 1000 committed employees in 7 offices worldwide.

He has dedicated his life to creating abundance and has mentored hundreds of people all over the globe to become their most powerful selves. His passion for supporting and growing others has led his mentees to find financial freedom, building successful companies, becoming healthier, fostering authentic relationships, and creating a meaningful life for themselves and others.


Jared Oviatt

Jared Oviatt is a seasoned business leader and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in providing strategic leadership across a wide variety of organizations. Currently serving as a Business Partner at BBSI in Idaho Falls, Jared specializes in areas such as executive leadership, finance, human performance, organizational design, and strategic planning.

In 2017, Jared founded Endeavor Human Capital Management Consulting, a venture dedicated to providing training and support to high-integrity leaders. Endeavor HCMC focuses on creating sustainable cultures based on universal principles, offering principles-based training to support leaders, sales organizations, and executive boards.


Michael Wolsten

Michael Wolsten is a culture strategist for business leaders who want to create world class workplaces, keep their very best, and sustainably scale their organizations. His unique approach has made him a premier speaker, online educator, and consultant for companies across the country.

Michael is the author of the Amazon Best Seller, Work + Love. He has been featured on NBC News, speaking to the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting movements. He is married to his beautiful wife Kelly and has three teenage boys who never seem to stop eating….


Dr. Kylie Bragdon

Dr. Kylie Bragdon is a highly accomplished content creator, educator, and motivational leader who has dedicated her life to empowering others to reach their true potential. With a strong background in education and leadership, she specializes in offering motivation, support, and resources for personal and professional growth.

Kylie's profound understanding of human potential has led her to become a sought-after media influencer in the realm of personal empowerment. Whether it's through engaging social media content, enlightening workshops, or captivating podcasts, she continuously shares valuable insights and strategies to help individuals unlock their inner greatness.